Music Ministry



Gregory Groover, Jr.: Band director/ Saxophonist
Rolanda Dudley- Cowans: Assistant Director Over Choral Activities
Gerami Groover: Director Sacred Music Ensemble
Denisse Torres: NuBirth Choir Director
Charles Gordon: Richard Allen Brotherhood Choir Assistant Director
Tyrone Sutton : organist/ pianist
Joshua Sutherland: organist/ pianist
Phillip Clint: Bassist
David Rivera: Drummer
Danitra Abron: Assistant Director of Sacred Arts & Dance Coordinator
Ronald Shelburne, Sr.: Video Coordinator
Lamar Cook: Audio Coordinator
Jakiel Weaver: Assistant Audio Coordinator
Albert Kinnitt, Jr.: Assistant Audio & Video Coordinator




About Our Church

The Historic Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church is interwoven with the history of African Americans in Boston. 

In 1818, a small group of free African Americans began gathering in a small house on Beacon Hill to give birth to the First African Methodist Episcopal Society.  The Reverend Noah Caldwell W. Cannon, a firebrand itinerant preacher who traveled throughout New England, was the leading force in the creation of this new church and in 1833 he began serving as its first pastor....... read more