Best European destination 2019

Portugal offers excellent accommodation in recent years, is cheap and has many historical, artistic, religious, naturalistic and food and wine sites. For us Europeans, it is easily accessible and easy to reach by car or public transport. You can stay in Bed and Breakfast or holiday homes, very cheap hostels if you want to save money or choose luxury hotels full of services and amenities. No doubt for me then that Portugal is the best European destination of 2019.

The best European destination of 2019? Lisbon!

with its “Cable cars”, the steep hills, the welcoming atmosphere ….. not to mention the huge suspension bridge!

The wealth of points of interest it offers, its welcome and its climate make it a perfect destination at any time of year. Visiting the capital of Portugal means immersing yourself in an atmosphere full of charm, history, architecture, architecture, art, great food and nightlife. There is no risk of getting bored walking along the charming cobblestone streets that wind through beaches and castles. The walls also attract attention, for their obsessive and typical ceramic tile cladding. A living city that breathes and adapts to all budgets.

The connection with Italy is very simple and also particularly economical if you decide to travel with the national airline.

A visit is a visit to the most famous monuments, including the Castle of San Giorgio, the ruined Convento do Carmo, the Monument to the Discoveries and the Tower of Belem (with the “m”, and therefore not referred to the famous show-girl, although, you wouldn’t believe it, equally fascinating). But not only: the largest aquarium in Europe, a zoo, coasts with special formations (such as Boca Do Inferno) and so on. Not to mention the food and wine, with over 1000 ways of cooking cod and “pastel de nata”, a characteristic and delicious dessert. In short, there is something for everyone.

So, even if for now he has not had the time and budget to visit San Francisco, he has not had the time and budget to visit San Francisco, no excuse: Lisbon is within reach and can be considered perhaps the best European destination 2019.

Portugal’s best European destinations in 2019? The route to experience it in the same way “off the beaten track”.

Our trip started in Nazarè, the city wherein 2018 the Portuguese Hugo Vau sailed in a wave of 35 meters, the highest rate in the world! There we had the honour and pleasure of meeting Francisco Porcella during a race. It was an honour to have a chat with him because, although he was a VIP, as well as being a great athlete in the middle of the race, he showed he wanted to do his part to free things from plastic, picking up what he happened to find.
Portugal is also very rich in history, art and architecture. Among the many monasteries, we decided to visit that of Batalha for the beautiful colours that the windows project on the high columns.
However, to stay a little ‘off the beaten track we then ventured along the coast north of the capital, in exclusive and beautiful areas, each capable of giving different emotions and breathtaking sunsets, such as those seen from the lighthouse of Peniche.

We then moved to the extreme south of Portugal to sail along the wonderful coasts of the Algarve where we were able to enter also in what is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, located inside a cave with an opening on the vault, the Cave of Benagil.

We then returned to Lisbon where, even if it never snows, there is the cable car, now become a tourist attraction. The city is very welcoming and full of interesting sites. But he was stronger than us: we were still looking for water. So we decided to face the aquarium, one of the largest in Europe. Here we are fascinated by the strangest inhabitants of our seas, like the sunfish that, despite its unique shape, reaches 4 meters in length and 3 tons in weight.

To respect a tradition that began as early as the 12th century, we then went to the “Feira da Ladra”, literally “the thieves’ fair”, the beating heart of the capital’s folklore. You can find everything, from the harvest to the underwear with the face of Lady Gaga.

We tried some special shops such as those that sell only sardines and a pet store run by a nice character whose pet has a strong personality Coato.

If you move in a “smart” way Lisbon is also among the cheapest European capitals

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