Burma: when to go … and other suggestions

When you leave for a trip, what is the best time to visit it, are some of the things you will discover by reading this article about a country full of charm and history, monuments and landscapes, capable of leaving a mark in the hearts of visitors. Burma is one of those places that, like all countries that have experienced the trauma of conflict or the suffering of a long dictatorship, once opened to the outside world, revealing precious treasures that prove to be such because they have long been protected from mass tourism. And knowing what is the best time to visit Burma, it will be very useful to appreciate its beauty without being limited, in your travels, by climatic adversities. In this regard, Burma is a very complex reality that knows very extreme climatic conditions, ranging from very hot periods of the year to months characterized by exceptional rainfall.

When to go

If you want to know when to visit Burma, when to go and enjoy its beauty without suffering the inconveniences associated with the climatic variables, the best time to travel to Burma is between December and February. This is not a particularly cold season of the year, temperatures never drop below 13 degrees. At the same time, they never reach peaks of heat such as those reached during the summer periods, when the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees abundantly, to reach 40 degrees in the area of Yangon and even 45 degrees in Mandalay.

When to go involves risks

If you do not want to fill up with water, the advice is undoubtedly to avoid the monsoon seasons, which is certainly not the best time for a trip to Burma, because it would cause considerable inconvenience especially if you decide to travel along the coast. In these areas of Burma, the monsoon season can lead to very heavy rains, especially in July and August. In this season, on the wettest territories, they can precipitate up to 200 millimetres of rain in a month.

When to go is not the only thing to know…

Besides knowing when to go to Burma it is very useful to know what to see. Since Burma is a beautiful heritage to be discovered in its entirety, from an architectural point of view not to be missed there are the many temples with their characteristic pagodas spread throughout the country, including the famous golden pagoda of Shwedagon. While you can not help but admire the beach of Ngapali, an expanse of white sand in front of a mirror of crystal clear water, framed by a long line of palm trees in one of the most fascinating places in the country.

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