Detroit what to see and what to do in one of the United States’ most unique destinations

Detroit what to see

But things have changed considerably for some time now, and the capital of the Midwest is set to become one of the most interesting cities to see in the U.S.A. from every point of view: tourist, cultural and economic. Having left behind a very difficult season, linked to industrial decline and strong social opposition, today there is no doubt about Detroit: what to see and admire is only a matter of time that will be spent visiting this city that is unexpected from different points of view. The combination of past and present makes Detroit a unique place on the American scene, already visible from its particular skyline.

Detroit what to see in the city

The social relaunch is a well-established goal that has allowed to return large sectors of the city centre, long excluded from a full liveability due to widespread phenomena of urban degradation, to the full usability of spaces and places symbol of the city.

One of the aspects that most characterizes Detroit, nicknamed for its elegance and beauty “the Paris of the West”, is its architectural structure. When someone asks themselves why to go to Detroit, what to see in the homeland of the car, it will be enough to answer by showing images of one of the many skyscrapers or castles that distinguish its highly original urban layout.

The industrial soul of this city, which became the symbol of the Stars and Stripes car thanks to the first factory commissioned by Henry Ford in 1902, is reflected in its imposing skyscrapers. These are buildings with a strong commercial imprint because in many cases they were and still are the headquarters of the main industries of the city. Among these imposing buildings stand out the Michigan Consolidated Gas Company Building, the Penobscot Building, the Comerica Tower and the Fisher building, symbols, although belonging to different eras, of a stylistic concept with a strong industrial vocation.

The prevailing style is, especially inside the buildings, a representation of art deco of very high level, aesthetic expression typical of the early twentieth century. A city to live while walking, not to miss even a glimpse of the beauty offered by its palaces and the many castles in the city. Always following a path at a walking pace and for those who were still wondering in addition to this, in Detroit what to see, you can reach the neighbourhood symbol of the city or the Lafayette Park.

Detroit what to see: Henry Ford Museum

If this city in the Midwest is to remain the symbol of the automotive revolution for a long time to come, it owes it without a doubt to Henry Ford, who has been granted a permanent tribute thanks to the Henry Ford Museum. A container of all that Ford has represented for Detroit. What to see in the museum? It is a place that will find very interesting not only fans of automotive history, but all those who recognize the weight of the advent of mass production in our lives. In the museum, in addition to the first car models and the cars used by the American Presidents, there are prototypes of numerous projects that the founder of Ford carried out over the years outside the automotive field. There is even a prototype of a house that, at least in Ford’s intentions, should have become the lightest and most resistant house in the world. If this project goes down in history, it will only be because of the primacy of having been used by a single family that, to be honest, would not even be so comfortable.

Detroit What to See: More

In Detroit, what to see is not just about urban planning. The city is the seat of numerous museum institutions, which enrich the cultural offer of a city with a multifaceted soul. One of its most important symbols is certainly the Detroit Institute of Arts, which when it comes to the question of what to see in Detroit once you arrive in the city, is a must-see destination. Its rooms are home to the works of artists such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Matisse and Picasso.
The urban recovery of the city has made Detroit a centre with its relevance also in terms of entertainment. The vitality that has invested it, after more complex phases of its history, is reflected in the many attractions that enrich the travel experience. What to do in Detroit, what to see, thus become a long list of options between its cultural dimension and the more fashionable one made up of clubs and casinos, which complete a tourist offer that pushes Detroit among the most popular destinations in the United States.

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