Find out what to see in Pittsburgh: walk around one of the most interesting cities in the US

A multifaceted city, Pittsburgh can offer many surprises that make it a very interesting stopover. A city of steel, but also a city of bridges – do you know how many there are? As many as 447. And indeed, Pittsburgh’s nicknames are all capable of giving an atmosphere, an identity, that flow, for example, in the waters of the rivers that flow through it that have made it a prosperous city in its history and now a symbol of an America that knows how to go beyond its industrial past. If all this makes you a little curious, are you ready to find out what to see in Pittsburgh?

Art lovers won’t be disappointed by what to see in Pittsburgh

To enter immediately into the artistic climate of the city, you could start by saying that Pittsburgh is the cradle of many artists, including, perhaps the most famous, or the founder of pop art, Andy Warhol. To him, the city has paid tribute by setting up the largest museum in the world entirely dedicated to a single artist. And seAndy Warhol has its museum, other museum centres offer a very broad overview of the world art scene, ancient, modern and contemporary. Among the museums to put in the estimate when you choose what to see in Pittsburgh, there is the Carnegie Museum of art, a real treasure chest of treasures of world art ranging from works by Van Gogh to Cezanne, from sculptures by Pisarro to paintings by Monet and Klimt. And if you’re a fan of classical art, you won’t believe it, but Pittsburgh can satisfy you with that too. In the Carnegie Museum of Art, there is an entire space made up of three rooms, entirely crowded with Greek statues and columns. In the same museum, you can visit the Carnegie Natural History Museum, dedicated to the world of nature, among which stands out a collection of minerals that, for beauty and vastness, is an attraction that deserves to be seen.

Walking around for a different overview of what to see in Pittsburgh

The courses of the rivers, the numerous parks present, are the ideal setting to have a different point of view of the steel city. Having gone down in history as one of the cities with the highest rate of industrialization in the United States, today, Pittsburgh, is a centre capable of offering the highest standards in terms of quality of life throughout the East Coast. To get an idea, just take a trip to Point State Park, also known as The Point, a park surrounded by the waters of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers, which, right at the tip of the park – hence the name The Point – converge to give life to the Ohio River, one of the main tributaries of the Mississippi.

A little curiosity about what to see in Pittsburgh

For curiosity seekers, Pittsburgh is also home to one of the best-known ketchup companies, Heinz. Who has never dipped their chips in a bowl of Heinz ketchup? Well, in Pittsburgh, you will also find a museum dedicated to the famous dynasty that has taken around the world, the most American of the condiments.

Also very original is the Bicycle Heaven, a museum dedicated to two wheels that, like few other times, find here an unusual artistic dignity.

And if despite all the water of the rivers, at the end of your tour, you still thirsty, know that in Pittsburgh not only rivers of water flow … but also a lot of good beer. In keeping with the tradition that requires good beer to be born near waterways, Pittsburgh is home to many craft breweries that will satisfy the thirst of the most demanding fans.

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