How, why and where to organize the first trip alone

You also feel safer, you are always in the company and you have a better chance of not being seated in an aeroplane next to a sumo wrestler (unless he is your travel companion!). But travelling with other people also has disadvantages. Then you have to find a budget and especially a period that suits everyone. This is sometimes to the detriment of the trip itself those of the group and is more fes… ehm… good, and decide to adapt to the needs of others. So why not organize your first trip yourself? And above all, how? Here’s all you need to know for your first solo trip.

Why organize your first trip alone

Making your first trip on your own not only has the advantage of being able to create a super personalized itinerary that fits perfectly to your needs. Making your first trip on your own isn’t just great because you can finally decide at any time what to do and when what and where to eat and so on. Making your first trip alone is not good just because you don’t have to wait for your travelling companion who has to pee every 5 minutes or vice versa feel guilty because others are waiting for their urinary needs (…and not only).

Making the first trip alone is an advisable experience is important to make a real journey within yourself.

“Traveling to discover the world you will find the continent in yourself,” says an old Indian proverb. And that’s exactly what it is. Travelling alone gives you time to reflect, to observe, to understand and above all to understand each other. Without anyone next to you telling you “why don’t we eat a pizza” or “do this now and then” you learn to wonder what we like. But there’s more. For most of us poor mortals, the time we can devote to travel is limited and this adds a fundamental element to our free choice: the awareness that we could not do everything and then make the most of our time to enjoy it and feel good becomes an almost automatic need.

Then there is another advantage a little more practical for those who have all the other aims when travelling alone, such as that of finding a soulmate, beyond the desire for a night or all life … In this case, I recommend already before embarking on the first trip alone to start using the new applications that allow you to make some knowledge in this regard. The most used abroad to find a company, even just as a new friendship, is called “Tinder”. You simply have to position yourself in the place where you are going and set a “radius” of action to search for contacts in the vicinity.

Where to arrange your first trip on your own

and choose the right destination so that you can finally experience the excitement and seek, whatever it is, from relaxation to pure adrenaline. First, choose the content of the trip and then the package to put around. Not to establish a destination and then look on the internet for what to do there, it would be as if, in making a gift to a loved one, first buy the box and then find something that fits inside it.
Your first trip alone doesn’t have to be too long or difficult. If you still don’t feel safe, just consider a weekend out of town.
Unless it’s a matter of safety (or a minimum number of participants), any destination is fine. It’s the most important step in organizing your first trip on your own to choose your destination! Start looking inside yourself: close your eyes and imagine yourself in one place or another. When you discover that your expression has automatically turned into a happy and smiling expression, you will understand that you are on the right track!

Finally, if you are one of those who want to make the first trip alone to find company, consider also the possibility to buy directly a package of those with the numerous offers of “trips for singles” or even better “cruises for singles” and “villages for singles”, where the many recreational activities that are actually an integral part of the holiday encourage much more approaches.

How to organize your first trip on your own

If it is your first trip alone you will have to be even more careful from the point of view of security, especially if you are a girl, not for sexism of course, but simply because statistically they are the most at risk when they are alone, if only because they wear on average more jewellery and especially handbags sometimes very coveted by males.
It all depends on where you go, the type of activity to be carried out and so on. Find out online, being even more careful than usual, given the sensitive topic, at the source. Never neglect safety because when you are away from home, the dangers can be completely different from those you are used to and it is even more difficult to deal with them.
Some general advice (actually a little valid for all trips):

  1. Try not to manifest the fact that you are an easy prey with the typical clothing and attitude of a tourist.
  2. Adopt all the common sense behaviors that are held in big cities, such as not showing off valuables, not leaving anything insight on the dashboard of the car, keep the bag or backpack in front when crossing crowded areas or at risk of pickpocketing, not showing money, keep the wallet in your front pocket and so on.
  3. Do not keep documents and money in the same place.
  4. Always contact authorized personnel and official taxi drivers.
  5. Be respectful and avoid grumpy discussions and attitudes.
  6. Turn around with a photocopy of your passport when you know that you probably don’t need any documents, in most cases it will be enough (be careful to bring the original with you if you are driving).
  7. Use even stricter hygiene standards than you are used to at home.

Once they do something good with our money it is worth taking advantage of it… In case you go abroad, therefore, it is advisable to register, so in extreme cases of accidents, natural disasters or international problems it will be easier to find you. Please enter as much information as possible about your itinerary. The site is also extremely useful in case of fragmented or incorrect news (and I guarantee you that it often happens) while you are unavailable abroad and your friends and relatives contact the Farnesina for news. They will be able to reassure them by explaining that, for example, you are in an area far from the one affected by the problem.

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