Know the Vietnam rice fields, when to go to see them in bloom

Unique landscapes, which can give emotions only if you can admire them in particular conditions.This is what happens with Vietnamese terrace rice fields. To visit the rice fields, it is necessary to go to the north of the country, whose main centre in Hanoi. From here it will be possible to start an itinerary that will take you to areas less frequented by mass tourism, but rarer for the beauty of the landscapes and the enrichment that you can have on a human level, meeting the many local populations.

Tips for seeing the Vietnam rice fields: when to go become a spectacle for the eyes

Meanwhile, contrary to other routes, it is advisable to go in the rainiest season … quiet, we are not crazy, but the truth is that landscapes such as those of the rice fields can only be admired during the months of rain that coincide with the summer months. This is the period in which the rice plantations know their full flowering and offer truly breathtaking landscapes. In the other months of the year, the risk is to find the rice fields when the harvest is already finished and when the plantations have not yet flourished, thus facing not very spectacular landscapes, characterized by large areas of bare ground.

That’s why it becomes crucial, to discover the Vietnam rice fields when to go.

The different altitudes that characterize this beautiful area of Vietnam, make it possible for the harvesting of rice to take place at different times. It begins first in the higher areas and then gradually descends. Among the most famous areas where you can see this show, the result of the perfect harmony between man and nature, seasonal cycles and peasant wisdom, there are certainly the Mu Cang Chai and the villages of Muong Loe Tu Le.

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