Tricks to make better photos on the go … and not only

Here are the tricks to make better photos! Of course, before leaving for any trip it would be appropriate to take a short course in photography. But if you are reading this article you are probably looking for simple ideas for a quick and quick solution. Here they are, therefore, whether I have chosen to leave with a compact, mirrorless, reflex camera … or only with the mobile phone these tricks to make better photos will guarantee you an excellent result!

The tricks to take better pictures: first of all the WHERE

  1. MAKE GYMNASTICS: someone says that the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur is the position in which he is seen photographing. So look for the right point of view (for example by lowering yourself or lying on the floor) for your shot. In the same way, he tries to move around the subject to be photographed taking, for example, a small road that leads to a promontory and then to a raised point of view of a bay, and so on.
  2. AVOID THE “POSTCARDS”: it is a very common mistake, but the classic photos of foreshortenings or the most important monuments have already been made and redone by professionals who know how to capture the best light. We must look around for new views and shots, be curious! Try to ” tell ” the journey, not ” show it “.
  3. TOWARDS THE INITIAL: you’ll find the most beautiful images in non-tourist places, probably exploring the most unexpected and unusual ones.
  4. NO ABERRATION: when photographing people, animals or objects, look for a point of view with a flat background that does not contain objects that distract from the chosen subject.

The tricks for making better photos: HOW

  1. THE THIRD PARTY RULE: a subject in the centre of the photo makes it static. Apply (or imagine) a lattice that divides the frame into nine squares and strive to place the subjects at the intersection of these lines, and then to a third (vertically or horizontally) of the image.
  2. GIVE ME A FEEL: ask yourself what mood will you convey that landscape or person, so you will avoid flat photos without expression
  3. AVOID THE J-PEG: if you can, use the.RAW extension which allows more corrections in post-production.
  4. SEE THE SUBJECT IN THE EYES: when photographing people, take the car to their eye level. And try to look them in the eye to get more true expressions.
  5. BUONGIORNO / BOM DIA / JAMBO / EGUN ON: learn some local expressions with which to approach with the locals before photographing them, as if asking permission, you will smile at them and maybe you will also get an interesting cultural exchange.
  6. DO NOT LOOK IN THE MACHINE: for more candid and realistic images, especially for people in the outdoors, better if the subjects do not look into the lens
  7. USE FLASH IN THE SUN: light can create shadows on faces. To eliminate them just use the flash.
  8. USE PANNING: for moving photos use the ” panning “technique, which allows you to focus on the subject is to give a sense of movement through the background blur.
  9. FRAME THE SUBJECT: this technique called ” framing ” consists in using what is in the scene around to frame the subject of the photo as if it were framed, for example, a monument is seen from a window, an animal between two trees, a person surrounded by a bow … and so on.
  10. USE PEOPLE IN THE LANDSCAPES: when you can enter one or more people in the landscapes, even just as silhouettes, the photos will appear more interesting.
  11. MAKE THE PHOTO DIRECTOR: take control of your shot and you will see the photo improve incredibly. You have to take the reins and give orders like a real professional: “. … put yourself on that wall, Tommaso, take off your sunglasses … Come on, a nice smile, think of when Vanessa set her foot in the puddle … “!
  12. DETECTED AS A PROFESSIONAL: often one is so excited by the subject that they forget the technique and all the other advice reported on this page. Search, yes, interesting subjects, but once you find them detach yourself to be able to concentrate on the shot.
  13. PROVIDE A GUIDELINE: use the natural geography of the place to lead the observer’s eye towards the main subject. Look for any natural line in the frame that takes the eye towards the main subject. For example, roads or horizon lines are often useful in this sense in landscape photos.

Tricks to take better pictures: WHEN

  1. THE RIGHT DATE: take pictures continuously. Of course, you will need a good memory card, capacious and fast, but you can calmly choose the best photos once you are at home and delete the others. Remember to always keep the camera ready to seize the moment.
  2. MOVE WITH THE SUN: unfortunately for the night owls, often the best moments to take magic pictures with a fantastic light are the dawn and that ” golden hour ” that precedes the sunset. In other times, however, try to take advantage of hard light to your advantage, using it to emphasize colours (more saturated), play with lights and shadows and so on.
  3. AT THE SUNSET IN A SEAT COFFEE: if you find yourself in a new place, spend some time in a local café and you will surely find many interesting photographic opportunities and the serenity to catch them with the best technique.

The tricks to making better photos: BACK

  1. EDITA: rather than publishing a lot of photos, choose the best ones and retouch them. Quality, not quantity. From PC you could use Photoshop, which offers endless possibilities but can be too complex. An excellent alternative is Lightroom, however versatile but simpler. From mobile phones, there are endless Apps.
  2. POWER OF MILLEMILA FILTERS: try to apply filters.

You could transform a defect into a quality, correct exposure or low light, giving the photo contrasts and depth such as to completely transform the subject.

For example, from a mobile phone, to eliminate skin defects, there is the App ” Facetune “, to eliminate the unpacked shadows Snapseed, for VSCO Cam colours. Finally, some Apps allow you to remove the unwanted object as a whole TouchRetouch.

A final, definitive trick that would allow you to solve in one fell swoop the age-old problem of having photos to make your travel envious is to organize one in which a photographer takes care of capturing the most beautiful images of your experience, leaving you free to enjoy it without thoughts. If you are rich or a small enough group, consider making this offer to a photographer who loves to travel!

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