What to buy in Burma

It is also important to buy something that can remind us of the trip. Finally, there are also circumstances in which you can refund part of the trip with smart purchases that allow you to save a lot compared to what it costs the same product close to home.

What to buy in Burma absolutely

Before you leave for your trip to Myanmar, it can be very helpful to know what to buy in Burma. In a country where all kinds of industry are practically absent, the lion’s share of stalls and shop shelves makes local crafts. Once you arrive at your destination, you will be impressed by the variety of possibilities offered on what to buy in Burma.

Many products make the local market famous, among which it is certainly possible to include the famous precious stones. If you were wondering how safe it was or if you were still undecided about what to buy in Burma, know that precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and jade are very common and therefore are very easy to find. The only thing you have to do when it comes to buying these precious items is to contact, as far as possible, stores specializing in the sale of these valuable items, avoiding stalls that no guarantee can give for the authenticity of the precious stones that are sold.

Among the typical objects, there are also teak artefacts. When you have to choose what to buy in Burma, know that the country is among the leading producers in the world of this well-known quality of wood, appreciated both in the furniture and in the nautical. However, unless you want to take home a chest of drawers or the floor of a boat, you will have to settle for small objects and artefacts, such as statues of Buddha or small ornaments, which are transportable without having to rent a load all for you…..

What to buy in Burma as an item of clothing

And always know what to buy in Burma, know that textile craftsmanship produces garments of great value. In particular, the silk garments are very valuable, produced in colours of remarkable beauty and high quality.

If you want to take home a typical dress, you can buy “longyi”. It is an item of clothing, both male and female, that if you do not know what to buy in Burma, remains a certainty among the souvenirs to take home and, why not, to wear.

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