When to go to Laos?

It is not at all easy to identify the best period or when to go to Laos is more appropriate. It is in fact a territory whose extension and conformation determines the presence of different climatic conditions. In the north and south, there will be a sub-tropical climate, while in the center of the country, a tropical climate will prevail. This long strip of land between Vietnam and Thailand, offers different weather windows that vary from north to south, with temperatures and weather conditions that differ significantly even for the same period of reference. A nice climatic puzzle that we will try to solve with this article, it being understood that an umbrella in the bag never hurts…

It’s quick to say monsoons

Laos, like many other countries in the area, is subject to the effects of monsoons, which prove to be carriers of a mild climate during the winter months, while they are carriers of rainfall, even very heavy, in the period from May to autumn.

If you do not like the heat, the period from March to May, or the months that for us coincide with spring, is not the ideal time to go to Laos. Especially in April, the thermometer touches the highest temperatures.

Although the ideal time to go to Laos is from November to February, there are some aspects that should be taken into account that are not negligible. In fact, it is not uncommon for cyclones to occur in November, the late trawl of the summer monsoons, and in February temperatures can start to rise. In the light of this further climatic peculiarity, perhaps the most favourable period when to go to Laos is between mid-December and the beginning of January, when you can enjoy a temperate climate without significant rainfall.

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